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Monday, September 06, 2010

Why I Hate Business Suits

This will be a short post. Basically, I work in a bank which requires me to dress in what is called "business appropriate" fashion. Most business attire for women is simply a female version of male business attire consisting of tailored suits (trousers or skirts and jackets). Back in the 70's and 80's this also included ridiculous looking bowties.

I'm a woman. I have a woman's figure which is soft and curvy and feminine. I don't want to dress like a man and I shouldn't have to dress like a man to be taken seriously in the business world. I prefer wearing a sweater or cardigan rather than a tailored jacket as the softer fabric fits my curves better. I like wearing skirts and dresses, but why should I have to masculinize them with a stiff jacket?

I like wearing high heels as many women do, but we're told that this is not business appropriate. Why is it not business appropriate? Is it because men don't wear heels? Do we have to wear flat loafers like men?

Men and women of the business world: Get over it! We're women and it's the 21st century. I don't want to dress like a man and I will not dress like a man.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Latest Shopping Expedition

The next item I selected was a beautiful emerald green blouse (I've been in an emerald green mood lately). This is called the Dewpoint Blouse from Odille. I love the detail around the collar and the ruffles that aren't overpowering, but just feminine enough:

The next item I picked up was this Crimpled Cardigan from Sparrow. I love this sweater for it's slimming shape and versatility. I can choose to wear it open like a cardigan or closed as a sweater. The color is gorgeous:

The last item I splurged on were these Imperative Trousers from Cartonniev. These trousers are so comfortable and warm. I love that they're a little higher waisted and they fit like a glove:

So, with my purchases wrapped and bagged I headed happily out of my favorite store on earth and home to add my new finds to my closet which has actually grown emptier over the past year, (guess I'll have to plan a few more shopping trips:)

I'm back

Okay, it's been over a year since my last blog. So, let's get the updates over with:

1. I'm happily single (although I wouldn't say no to meeting someone :)
2. I work for Wachovia-Wells Fargo as a Bank Manager in Summit, NJ.
3. I'm more independent than ever.
4. I'm absolutely addicted to True Blood.
5. I'm down 30 pounds, exercise regularly and am a vegetarian.
6. I have great friends (true friends).
7. I still have my two wonderful cats and companions: Pookie and Persephone.
8. I have a new niece who looks exactly like me and who I can't wait to meet.
9. I still love to shop.
10. I am still completely myself and I'm happy to say that I know exactly who I am even if I don't know exactly what I want.

So, those are the updates. More will follow...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Curtains

Lately, I've been dissatisfied with my bedroom curtains. There's nothing wrong with the curtains, themselves, the problem is that they are cream colored and the walls are cream colored, so they just get lost.

Ideally, I think I'd like something to match the quilt on my bed, which looks like this:

Ideally I'd like something that was heavier than sheer with a valance/panel combination, but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars either.

So help me out guys. I need suggestions regarding colors, brands, stores anything.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Why Layering Is A Definite Fashion Do

One of the biggest trends this season is layering. Usually, people will try to avoid following trends because the idea is that the trend won't last and then you'll be stuck with a closet full of outdated clothes. A lot of people can also be hesitant to layer for fear of looking foolish. Here are some tips to make layering work for you:

In this picture we see a sweater over a light slip dress paired with knee boots. Ordinarily that dress would have been stored away until next spring/summer, but by layering it with fall/winter items it can be worn year round.

This picture shows layering at its most complex. The model is wearing socks over tights along with boots and her top layer extends to below the hem of the skirt. What this picture shows is the importance of wearing layers of differing lengths. No two layers should be the same length. It is important, especially if you are wearing many layers, to have differing lengths and weights. This way every layer will be visible and more importantly, it will avoid bulkiness.

Layering is something to have fun with. Here the model is wearing a celtic inspired tartan dress over a sweater and paired with knee boots. (Note: knee boots are huge this season.) The dress is belted and has another layer peeping out the bottom. This picture also shows the feminine appeal of layering, this idea takes us back to the days when women wore layers upon layers of clothing. Now, we can be feminine and comfortable as well.

In this picture, the model is wearing a blouse with a vest and a short jacket over top. Notice how the blouse reaches high up on the neck, is visible below the vest and how the sleeves reach past the jacket; even though it is the bottom layer, it is still very visible.

Shorts are also big this season, but there are some things to keep in mind regarding their use. First, even if you are in a warmer climate, these are meant to be worn over opaque tights. On the other hand, when the trend is over, you have some really cute shorts to wear in the summer.

Overall what you need to keep in mind to make layering work for you is: 1. do as much or as little as you want. Layering can be as simple as wearing a sweater over a blouse. 2. Do not buy "pre layered" clothes. These are items that give the appearance of two pieces of clothing together such as a sweater and a blouse. You may think that it is an inexpensive way to follow this trend, but the truth is, you don't need to buy a single piece of clothing to follow this trend. 3. Use what you already have. Dig through your closet. Don't put your summer stuff away. Layering is a no fear trend because once the trend is over, you are left with a closet full of individual pieces that can just as easily be worn on their own as worn layered.

Most importantly, have fun with it. Be creative. Don't be afraid to experiment. Happy Layering!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Think you know Fossil? Guess again. Once upon a time, Fossil meant watches. Now, it means much more. It means stylish, hip, affordable clothing, jewelry, accessories and yes, watches.

Remember 10 years ago or so when Fossil watches first caught on in popularity? The watches all kind of looked like this...

Today's Fossil watches can be casual, sporty, dressy, modern, artistic and collectible. There is at least one Fossil watch to suit even the pickiest consumer.

There are even watches that incorporate bluetooth technology that will alert you when you have a phone call, tell you who's calling and tell you when you have a text message. Nifty, right?

In the early 90's, Fossil started expanding their line from just watches to accessories and leather goods such as handbags that are classic...

...and trendy... well as messenger bags...




...even watch holders.

In 2000, Fossil expanded further and introduced a clothing line for men...

...and a rather extensive and cute line for women.

Fossil began opening Outlet stores in the 90's, followed later by stores for accessories and in 2000, stores carrying their apparel line. Fossil also has locations internationally in over 90 countries. So, now you know Fossil. If you want to learn more, go to

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jenna Fischer

If you are a fan of The Office then you know who Jenna Fischer is. She is the actress who plays Pam Beesley, the receptionist.
I cannot tell you how refreshing the character of Pam is. She is, in my opinion, as close to a depiction of a real woman that I have ever seen on television, period. No one else has ever come this close to capturing what women are really like.

Think about it all you ever see on television are housewives/mothers or driven career women(doctors, lawyers etc) who are always supermodel, drop dead gorgeous, wear designer clothes and are perfectly coiffed and made up.

Perhaps said it best in one of their features on TV crushes:

"It may take you a little while to realize that she's more than merely cute. The classic girl next door, Pam is wholesome without being boring, mischievous without being mean, bright without being obnoxious. She's the girl who laughs at your jokes, while hiding a sadness you're convinced you can cure. She is, quite simply, the most huggable female character on all of TV." — Jay Woodruff, managing editor-

Jenna Fischer is not only an actress she is also a director and a writer. She recently wrote a brief article for the September issue of Esquire magazine which pretty much sums up a few things you may not have known about women.

10 Things You Don't Know About Women

By Jenna Fischer
September 2006, Volume 146, Issue 3

1. If we run into your ex-girlfriend in public, the first thing you should do is put your arm around us. And if we have to introduce ourselves, you are in big trouble.

2. When you tell us about a business lunch you had with a woman, it's a good idea to tell us that she's fat, ugly, old, or a lesbian. Preferably all of them.

3. PMS is real. It's chemical, and it sucks. If someone told you that every thirty days you were going to get jacked repeatedly in the nuts, you'd be pissy around day twenty-six, too.

4. When we say, "I don't feel connected," the only appropriate response is, "I feel it, too. Let's go out for a nice dinner and reconnect." Try it. You will get laid.

5. If you can locate the following items in our home—tape, casserole dish, Christmas ornaments—you will get laid.

6. If you act excited about the bath mat we bought at Target, you will get laid.

7. We really want to have kids. That is, until you want to have kids. Then: "Hey, slow down. What about my career? It's my body. I'm not just a depository for your sperm, you know. Fuck off. Wait, come back. I'm sorry about that. It's sweet you want to have kids. Let's talk about it in a year."

8. You know what's really gay? Football. Instead of watching it, just have sex with another dude once a year. Get it all out of your system at once.

9. We can make a "celebrity safe list" if you want. But I am way more likely to get Patrick Dempsey to fuck me in a bathroom than you are to get Lindsay Lohan to suck you off in your car.

10. Okay, wait. Maybe not Lindsay Lohan. But you know what I mean.

If you head over to youtube, there's a pretty funny video of cast members from The Office reading this list. If you're a fan(and you really should be), then check it out.

Monday, October 09, 2006

5 Reasons to Love Anthropologie

1. Originality- I can always find something unique at Anthroplogie. I know that no one else will have anything quite like it.

2. Age Appropriate- I'm 30. I don't want to wear clothes meant for someone 10 years younger. These looks are intended for me.

3. Age Appropriate cont.- I'm 30. I'm still young. I want to look young without looking silly and ridiculous.

4. Femininity- I want to wear clothes that make me feel like a woman. I don't want to dress like a guy. I want something that is definitely intended for a female.

5. Comfort- There is something so comfortable about layers. You feel confident and comfortable. You've heard of comfort food, this is comfort clothing.

Fashion With A Social Conscience

Two things that are not normally mentioned in the same breath are fashion and social conscience. However there are a number of designers, stores and websites worldwide that are concerned with social issues such as the environment, fair trade, animal rights etc.

Swedish designer Anya Hynynen designs a line of women's clothing using only natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool. While it isn't unusual for clothing to be made from these fabrics, it is unusual to see items such as undergarments and evening wear, which are usually at least partly made from synthetic fabrics. These designs are lovely and feminine. You can see more of Anya's designs at

In Britain, The Natural Store offers a variety of natural made products such as clothing for men and women, accesories, perfume, food, makeup, products for the home etc.

Not only do they offer a wide assortment of products, but a portion of every sale is donated to one of five charities that the company supports. These charities are: The Red Cross, Oxfam, Unicef, The World Wildlife Fund and Friends of the Earth. Their website is

Also from Britain, Beyond Skin designs shoes made from synthetic fabrics. The shoes are all hand made by local craftsmen and are made to order. You can learn more at

Hip and Zen is a website that sells clothing for men, women and children, as well as accessories and products for the home. Their products are classified by 5 different categories: organic, hand made, recycled, fairly traded and natural. No matter what your cause you'll find something to suit you at Hip and Zen.

In the US, designer Linda Loudermilk designs a line of women's clothing made from fabric from plants such as bamboo, sasawashi and sea cell soya. These plants are self sustainable. This clothing line can be found in over 20 boutiques throughout the US as well as at

Well, there you have it. Proof that a person can be fashionable, wear cute shoes and have a social conscience as well.